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Crime Prevention Programs for kids

free programs

For Kids of All Ages

Our agency is committed to keeping children safe - at home, at school, and at play. That's why we provide free programs for kids of all ages, teaching them how to safely interact with others, including law enforcement officers and people they meet online.

If you are interested in any of our free programs for kids, please call Crime Prevention at 863-298-6677 or email

Internet Safety

Our Crime Prevention Specialists teach kids, tweens, and teens how to be safe online, and highlight the dangers of the internet, with tips on how to safely navigate the web and social media, and how to avoid strangers online. The program also teaches youth how to define, recognize, and prevent bullying and cyberbullying. Click here to visit the Internet Safety page for a list of resources on how to keep your children safe online.

Deputy with kids in front of patrol car

Deputies Are Your Friends

We want children to run TO law enforcement, not run away from them in fear. This program teaches children the role of law enforcement officers, and gives them an opportunity to interact with one of our deputies. 

Kids being taught Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

This powerful program teaches children how to react when confronted by a stranger.

Stephanie Taitlian buckles a child's helmet

Bicycle Safety

Our Crime Prevention Specialists teach children how to properly wear a bicycle helmet, use proper hand signals, and safely navigate the roadways. They also teach the rules of the road.

Eddie Eagle certificate of completion

Eddie Eagle Gun Safety

This dynamic program teaches children the four important steps to take if they see a gun. The program also enforces the fact that guns are not toys, and should never be played with. Your child will earn a certificate of completion, and as parents, you will earn the peace of mind knowing your child knows better than to play with a firearm.